Great Britain

Want to know more about using your bank cards or credit cards in Great Britain as well as bank opening hours to exchange your Irish currency into the local currency used in Great Britain?

Exchange Rate Currency Information

Currency Exchange Rate From Euro to Pound - The Money Used in Great Britain

Money Exchange Rate for Pound to Euro

Great Britain Currency is named Pound. 1 Pound is split into 100 Penny. The Pound is released by the Bank of England. The forex code for Pound is GBP. The currency exists in both Paper and Coin forms.

British Money Exchange Rate - The majority of the foreign currencies, like Stirling Pound or US Dollar, might be changed at banks, bureaux de change and air terminals, railway stations, ports & big hotels in Great Britain at the official exchange rates.

Using Credit & Debit Cards in Great Britain - American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa are accepted in Great Britain. Be sure to ask your credit or debit card company for information of merchant acceptability in Great Britain. ATMs are easily available.

Tipping in Great Britain - Want to know what percentage of tip is customary at resturaunts or hotels in Great Britain? Click on Tipping in Great Britain to learn more about tipping in Great Britain

Exchange Rate Currency Information

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